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Before the start of our trip to Nepal, through family members of our travel companions, we had already come into contact with Lila and his brother Toulassi, guides of Maypole Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. They organize hike routes out of the wishes of the travelers. On beforehand we had decided that we would make a 5-day hike through the mountains, which would start and end in Pokhara. The day before the start of our hike we stayed in a hotel and Lila came by to introduce himself. He communicated with us in English en made clear arrangements for the next day(s). He advised us about the necessities for the trip such as the beverages and had other useful comments for the hike. The next day our hike would start, we were picked up and a beautiful journey through nature started and brought us to our departure point. They had arranged that our (left over) baggage which we would not need on our trip could be left behind in the hotel and we were asked to pack only 1 bag a person. These 2 bags would stay with us through our hike but would be carried by brother of lila, Tulashi. Because of this, we were able to enjoy the clear and interesting comments that Lila had of the nature during our hike. Lila made sure that the person that lead the group as well as the person that walked behind could enjoy the hike. Even though there surely were not many possibilities, he made sure that the meals and overnights that he had arranged were more than sufficient. Even throughout the hike, Lila showed us that it was very important to use our walking sticks well, this because of our safety. In Nepal, people are divided in caste, which made us higher than our guide and carrier. Still we have enjoyed a nice and personal contact with our guide in which our experience as tourists was put first. We can recommend everyone to book a hike with this organization, it is an experience and a memory which will stay with you forever. During our hike we got to know the locals and were able to get a realistic picture of the population in Nepal.

Hello! A few months ago Lila was my guide during a 6 day trekking. It was a wonderful experience! During the trekking Lila told our group about the plants in the nature, about the villages and about the culture of Nepal. Every evening he managed a place to sleep in the mountains. Every morning we saw the sun rising, you can not imagine how beautiful it is! He knows everything in the mountains and when you want to do something you have to tell it to him, and he will manage it. The porters he managed where very friendly and helpful. They carried our luggage with care. In the evenings we play some card games together with Lila and the porters, so every evening was very cosy. So you have to go to Nepal and to take Lila as your guide to have an amazing holiday you will never forget!!

Namaste!! My name is Bas and I am from the Netherlands. I did a trekking with Lila as my guide. The second day of the trekking I sprained my ankle. It was very painful but we were at almost 1000 feet height. Lila gave me two options, he could manage a donkey, but that was very expensive because the donkey has to come up to 1000 feet. The other option was to make a stick for assistance to walk. Then he would be the other stick. We decide to walk as short as possible. But that was another 3 days! I accepted his help and a porter made a stick with a knife. It was very heavy but the whole way he helped me with walking. I rest on his shoulders. I think it was very heavy for him too, because he is small and I am tall and he carry my whole weight! I appreciated his help very much because it was impossible for me to walk at my own. In the future I want to go back to Nepal to do another trekking, because I did not see things in the environment because of my injury. I will ask Lila again because his hospitality command respect to me!

Last oct./nov. I was for 23 days in Nepal with my husband and my daughter with her friend. Oh, what a country, beautifull, variable, marvellous nature, nice people. We have been in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Hetauda, and we have done a wonderfull trekking during 5 days. Our starting point for the trekking was about 1 hour driving from Pokhara. We had a guide, Lila, who arranged everything for us: the trekkingpermits, the car to the startingpoint, the sleepingplaces, the porter etc. We had a lovely time in the mountains, it was very impressive. Our guide Lila told us a lot about the mountains, the people, the nature and so on. The trek was alternating, we saw donkeys, monkeys, sheep, dogs, people who lives in the mountain, wood, many waterfalls, rice-fields, stones. We had a unforgettable time, and we will thank Lila very much for being our guide.

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